aaa.jpgIn 1986, Aupo was founded in Xiamen, a newly-established special Economic Zone.

Since 1988, Aupo was engaged in the research & development of thermal cutoffs. With over 30 years of endeavours and efforts, Aupo gained the recognition from the market and was among top 3 maker of thermal cutoffs in the world. Aupo has become the leading brand in the factor of thermal cutoffs in China, since 2006 when we joined the National Standard Team for thermal cutoffs.

For over past 30 years, Aupo has delivered over 20 billion pieces of thermal cutoffs with extensive application in home appliances,communication,automobile,lighting, industrial automation,etc. We have provided reliable, safe and stable thermal protection solution to over 10000 customers and we are well on the way to the vision of being the security guard for household electrical appliances in each family in the world.

Backed by technical advantage and experience after years of accumulation, supported by sound management and deeply-planted quality culture, Aupo is involved in the factor like thermosensitive component,resettable thermal protection, so as to provide complete and professional solution to customers in the field of new energy,home appliances,communication,etc.

Based on over 30 years of strength and culture, Aupo will adhere to the spirit of “pragmatism,efficiency,innovation,prudence”and make good use of its advantage and provide our customers with prompt,reliable,professional and value-added products & services.Aupo is your loyal and reliable partner.