In more than twenty years of development, AUPO has formed the core values of "Quality,Respect for others, Enhance customer value, Sincere and trust-worthy,Harmony and win-win",and the vision fo "As secruity guard for household electrical appliances in each family in the world".With these,AUPO attracts a large number of people to join the company,and bulids a team that consists of highly professionalm, dedicated, and devoted members, By Adhering the idea of people- oriented, and principle of fair reward as "entrusting the capable staff, and awarding the contributive staff",AUPO attracts,retains,encourages and motivates the excellent staffs through sets of performance-oriented pay system and career development system,Moreover,AUPO provides a platform which allows the employees to bring their talents and creation into play; also,AUPO creates a good working environment which allows the employees to develop good cooperation relations .Furthermore, with a series of training program, AUPO helps the employees not only to develop their working skills, but also to actualize their self-value,and as a result, this highly uniffies the company strategy and employees personal goal.